Who and what is Lissilogía?

Lissilogia is a word I made up from my nickname „Lissi“ and the Greek word „logía“ (λογία). It comes from the ancient Greek word „logos“. Logos can mean many things, e.g. „word“, „speech“, „(content) content“, „mental faculty“, „doctrine“ or be used to designate sciences (e.g. philology). In modern Greek, the suffix „logía“ is used for sciences (e.g. philología) and this is how I came up with my word creation. Similar word constructions are for instance „sociology“ or „theology“, hence, „lissology“ sounded to familiar to a certain sect, which is why I stick to the modern Greek version.

The word is stressed at the last „i“, i.e. Lissi-log-iiii-a.

So Lissilogia is my world of thoughts, logic and my personal insights. With my blog, I want to draw attention to various topics and highlight problem areas in sociopolitical contexts. I also want to share what I love to do, my interests and realisations or some parts of my life journey.

My aim is to address problems of the world, to take people’s concerns and issues seriously and to share well-researched information.

I act as a private person here on this website and on my social media channels. All articles and opinions written here are my own personal concerns, with which I do not earn money, but you can read about my professional engagement.

Elisabeth Daniela Weissitsch as „Lissilogia“

The world can only get better if you start doing something today. There is always something you can do. Better today than tomorrow.

Attitude to life

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