Vaccination update

The situation is a bit confusing. Even though most people have already decided whether they want to be vaccinated or not, those who want to be vaccinated are usually waiting to be contacted without any further information. Six weeks ago, I was told that I was about to be vaccinated the next days – well, the media told us that there were delivery problems. In addition, the whole world is currently requesting these vaccinations and some materials which are needed for the production of the vacchines are rare.

In any case, there is an official dashboard for Austria where the numbers of vaccinated people are uploaded daily. It is proceeding! Check out the numbers in the dashboard.

Whose turn is it and when?

There is a bit of confusion as media are reporting that next week in Vienna the vaccinations for staff from educational institutions are to start already, while most of the high-risk groups have not even had their turn yet. I suspect this is due to the different vaccines. According to the recommendation of the national vaccination panel, all risk groups should be vaccinated with BioNTech-Pfizer or Moderna. People with certain diseases should not get a vector vaccine or at least it is not recommended. In this respect, people under immunosuppression will get an mRNA vaccine. (Just mention it again when making the appointment).

Vaccination registration in federal states

In each province the procedure is different, on the plattform „Österreich impft“ you can find the forwarding to the procedure in your own province (main residence). Nevertheless, there is a „national vaccination plan“ (nationaler Impfplan: „Impfstrategie: Impfstrategie für Österreich). Depending on the availability of the vaccine, there are different starting points for the individual sub-groups in the provinces. In the dashboard you can also see the absolute numbers of vaccinated people per province, as well as the ratio to the population. With 5.6%, Carinthia is currently leading the way, while in absolute numbers Lower Austria, followed by Vienna, has vaccinated the most so far.

It is not possible to select a group when registering in every province. In Vienna, for example, the selection was made more precise about 2 weeks ago – so check the respective pre-registration platform regularly! You can see that the infrastructure had to be organised and that feedback is being incorporated. In some federal states you get an e-mail reply after pre-registration, in others not.

High-risk groups

The best way to find out which group you belong to is to read the national prioritisation list (nationalen Priorisierungsliste: „Specialist information: Prioritisation of the National Vaccination Committee). Information on various diseases under immunosuppression and on risk grouping can also be found on my blog (if you need information in English, you can also contact me).

Currently, 5% of the vaccine-eligible population is vaccinated. Since 17 February, these groups have been vaccinated (source): employees in highly exposed areas (e.g. COVID-19 laboratories), people with disabilities, people from the high-risk group, general population over 80 years.

In parallel, these groups will continue to be vaccinated (which started earlier): „COVID-19 vaccinations in old people’s and nursing homes, hospitals, in the registered doctors‘ sector, in the emergency services and among people in residential care will continue as planned.“ (source)

Please check the current status, maybe the email addresses will change (scroll down). I did not get an answer in Vienna and was then forwarded to MA15 via 1450 with my question (which vaccine for immunosuppression).

I was informed under 1450 that vaccination is also carried out within the high-risk group in descending order of age. In this respect, it may still take some time for younger high-risk groups. However, there is also an „acute list„, for example if there is a reason to vaccinate earlier. In such cases, it is useful to indicate this at 1450 and be forwarded to the local authority or to contact them at the above-mentioned e-mails. It doesn’t cost anything to ask 😉

If you are spontaneously and flexibly available, you can click on the 1-2 hour waiting list and you will be contacted if there is a vaccine left in the respective subgroup. You don’t lose the right to get a vaccination if you are not available.

My personal vaccination update

My first dose of BioNTech-Pfizer was short and painless. Relief and happiness for the „life afterwards“ are actually the biggest „side effects“ so far. I had a headache and felt a slight fever a few hours after the vaccination, but I „slept through it“. Otherwise, I feel exhausted and weak – but for someone like me, this can also be due to the underlying disease, as my body is fighting against several things at the same time. Oh yes, and my arm hurts – but that could also be due to my workout the day before and is not much more than a sore muscle. I’m just going to relax for a few days. In any case, I hope that I will get through the second dose „without any relapses“ and wish all those who would like to be vaccinated a quick vaccination appointment, soon we will have got over it!

Relief and gratitude.
Note: this is a personal blog and I share my own experiences and research. I make no claim to completeness or medical accuracy. I may also be mistaken or have found/received incorrect information. I also do not incorporate new information on a daily basis. I try to share information to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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