20 Things to do @home, during Corona

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Who still hasn’t understood how important it is to stay at home, can’t be helped and endangers immunosuppressed and elder people, as well as the healthcare system. Therefore, act responsible and stay at home. Naturally, many of you feel overwhelmed and don’t really know what to do during the upcoming weeks at home. I will soon translate my tips for the self-isolation at home. If you don’t feel well, text me! Those who feel bored and are healthy, can participate in the various neighbourhood help activities to support those who have be protected.

It’s a good thing, that by staying at home for about 5 years, due to my chronic disease, I have already tested, what can be done inside and have various ideas, which I am sharing here with you. Luckily the internet works, and we have electricity…

You can try these activities in the next days:

Have you ever tried knitting? It is really simple and after Corona you will probably still need scarfs 😉 there are loads of instructions on YouTube, or you can ask me.

  • Learn a language: with a book or an app, or by watching a movie in a foreign language
  • Watch Life-Hacks on YouTube and try them: for sure you also have some things to repair or improve in your flat
  • Play an instrument or start learning one, at least if you have on at home (where is the good old recorder from primary school? Or participate in the #staythefuckhome challenge
  • Write or read articles: for sure you have bloggers, like me in your environment. How often do you take time to read their work? (it contains a lot of heart and soul!)
  • Learn or read for university/work/school (yes there is home learning! 😉 )
  • Read Wikipedia articles (click from A to B and get informed)
  • Bake a cake, your roommates will be grateful. Do you need a receipt? Text me!
  • Call your family (how are your isolated grandparents or parents?)
  • Have a video-chat party (staying at home doesn’t mean to invite friends to a house party!)
  • Read a book and order them from local online stores
  • Learn knitting, crocheting or sewing. On YouTube are various instructions, how to transform an old t-shirt into a cool new piece of clothing (DIY is also good for the environment!)
  • Start the spring-cleaning (was it ever that clean?)
  • Paint, draw or do handcrafts. Have you ever tried to make an origami crane?
  • Use online TV channels to get informed. There are various interesting documentaries and information magazines. Rarely one takes time for informative TV broadcasting.
  • Repair things at home, which broke long time ago. What about the misfunctioning lamp or the sandwich maker that doesn’t work anymore? (Online are millions of instructions for repairing things on your own).
  • Listen to music and lie on the couch (when did you relax the last time?)
  • Write a birthday calendar, so you won’t forget birthdays ever again.
  • Make a collection of things that you did recently or events where you participated, maybe with pictures and tickets?
  • Plant plants, at least if you have seeds at home. If not, you will for sure have onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes or fruits at home, which you can plant. Especially with bigger vegetables or fruits this works by putting them in water: e.g. avocado seeds, mango seeds, ginger roots etc.
  • Put new pictures on your wall or sort out pictures on your computer (why not to create a photo album at the same time?)

Do you need more ideas? Write me!

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